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About Us

Vitalité (vitality) Now! is a family run business, and like you, we are also looking to keep our bodies as healthy as possible in a time when they are being bombarded with a plethora of environmental stressors.  Our family is deeply affected by autoimmune diseases including Hashimoto’s, Addison’s, GCA and Autism.  After many years of struggle to identify and treat our medical conditions, we’ve seen progress mostly due to non-traditional solutions.  We now work with functional medicine practitioners who are guiding patients with diet and supplements.

For this reason, our products have gone through an extremely meticulous sourcing process in order to make sure that our valued customers will be consistently satisfied with their results.  This is simply a good business practice and providing this excellence at an affordable price is also part of our strategy of maintaining and growing a strong base of satisfied customers.  We do not only concentrate on sourcing excellence; we also know that our customers are looking for superior consistency in the encapsulating, bottling and packaging of the products they purchase.

You can be sure that any product you purchase from Vitalité Now! has been manufactured in an FDA approved facility.  Vitalité Now! products are also GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified and manufactured in America.  The purity and potency testing standards that come along with GMP certification ensure that whatever is written on the label is what you will get when you purchase one of our premium sourced products.  Our products are tested by Intertek Champaign Laboratories of Champaign, IL.

Please note that our products are manufactured in a place where milk, soy and crustaceans are processed.

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