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Join the Vitalite Now R&R (Rebate & Review) Membership Program

Interested in trying new products without the risk of buying something that does not work for you?  We recognize that supplements work differently for each person.  We understand how its frustrating when you hear about a great benefit one person with a similar health condition received from a supplement that doesn't work for you.

Thus, we've created our Rebate & Review Membership Program.  You help us by boosting sales of products while getting to try out new supplements without the financial risk.  How?  When you buy one of our products on offer from Amazon, we instantly give you a 100% rebate via a Visa or Amazon gift card toward the full purchase price.  Its that easy and no risk to you while helping our family business.


There are just a few simple conditions to membership:

  • You must be able to purchase on Amazon US
  • You must be willing to provide a review within 2/3 weeks of purchase
  • You agree to join our R&R membership list (just periodic emails with new offers)
  • Limit one rebate per product per customer (but feel free to get one of each different product on offer)

​Join by going to Facebook Messenger to chat with us to see what 100% rebate products we have on offer.

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