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Berberine: Wide-ranging benefits from little known compound

Berberine was first used in China and India where it appears in traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. Used as a dye, it has a distinctive yellow color.  Berberine is an alkaloid bioactive compound which occurs naturally in several plants including goldenseal, barberry, tree turmeric, Oregon grape and goldthread. Scientific studies have shown that berberine has many pharmacological effects including anti-inflammatory, blood sugar (glucose) lowering, and antimicrobial.

Berberine activates an enzyme inside cells like a “master switch”.  The affected cells are found in many muscles including the heart, kidneys, liver and the brain. Berberine is known to help regulate blood sugar levels and regulate metabolism helping weight loss.  People have been known to take berberine for heart failure. Some people have been known to apply berberine directly to the skin to treat burns and to the eye to treat bacterial infections.

Studies have found that berberine likely benefits for a wide range of serious health ailments, including:


Studies have shown that berberine has an effect on blood sugar levels lowering blood glucose helping to prevent and treat type II diabetes.  This includes helping with side effects such as diabetic cardiovascular disease and neuropathy. Additional studies have also indicated that berberine improves glucose uptake and lipid metabolism disorders.

Gastrointestinal Infections

Diarrhea, gas and bloating can occur due to a range of issues but often stems from excessive bad bacteria in the gut (typically the lower intestine).  Those who suffer from small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) symptoms are often limited to oral antibiotics which have limited success and serious side effects (removal of good gut bacteria). Berberine has been shown to eliminate bad gut bacteria.

Heart disease

Coronary heart disease can occur with high blood sugar or obesity.  Given Berberine’s ability to regulate both, it has a knock-on effect of keeping heart disease in check.  In addition, it also stimulates nitric oxide release, increases blood flow, lowers blood pressure and protects against arteriosclerosis.  In research published by the University of Maryland Medical Center, people who took berberine for eight weeks had better heart function and were better able to exercise than those who took a placebo.

High cholesterol

Published studies have shown that berberine reduced cholesterol and triglyceride levels in type II diabetic patients.  The pharmaceutical statin therapy increases the risk of type II diabetes amongst other dangerous side effects.

High blood pressure (Hypertension)

Berberine has been shown to reduce blood pressure by blocking the release of the enzyme adenylyl cyclase.  It relaxes relevant muscles and improved cardiac contraction and act like a calcium channel blocker reducing vascular hardening.

Immune Support

Berberine may help improve immune function by maintaining healthy gut flora, providing antioxidant properties and activating white blood cells. Since your gut and immune system are interconnected in complex ways, berberine’s ability to maintain healthy gut bacteria can keep you from getting common infections leading to sickness.

Weight control

Two studies have focused on the effects of berberine on weight. In one 12-week study in obese individuals, 500 mg taken three times per day caused about 5 pounds of weight loss, on average. The participants also lost 3.6% of their body fat.  Another more impressive study was conducted in 37 men and women with metabolic syndrome. This study went on for 3 months, and the participants took 300 mg, 3 times per day. The participants dropped their body mass index (BMI) levels from 31.5 to 27.4, or from obese to overweight in only 3 months. They also lost belly fat and improved many health markers.  Scientists believe that the weight loss is caused by improved function of fat-regulating hormones, such as insulin, adiponectin and leptin.

Our proprietary Vitalite Now Berberine formula helps with a range of health needs including cardiovascular & intestinal health as well as regulation of healthy cholesterol and blood sugar levels.  A known antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, Berberine has been used for centuries to improve gastro conditions such as diarrhea, gas and bloating.

Our unique formula adds in Bitter Melon which helps reduce blood sugar, helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels and may aid in weight loss.  In addition, Banaba Leaf may help weight loss, is an antioxidant and may help against inflammation. Together, these three powerful ingredients offer a unique health solution.

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