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Olive Leaf: anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-biotic & anti-aging

Did you know that the olive leaf was first medicinally incorporated in Ancient Egypt? For the Egyptians, it was the Holy Grail of herbal healing. Olives and their leaves have played a huge role in Middle-Eastern and Mediterranean cultures throughout the ages, helping people greatly with their health. A true anti-aging compound, olive leaves have blood sugar and blood pressure regulating properties, while also providing cardiovascular, cognitive, joint, bone and immune support. They also have excellent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antibiotic properties.  Here are some powerful reasons why you should consider taking Olive Leaf Extract supplements daily.

May Help Reduce Cancer Risk

When it comes to cancer treatment, olive leaf extract can help significantly inhibit the angiogenic process in your body. This is something that helps spread and trigger tumor growth. As per a research posted by the University of Ioannina (Greece) back in 2009, it was revealed that that the leaf extract contains superb antioxidant potency that can helped considerably lower endothelial cell production and reproduction.

Reducing Blood Pressure Symptoms and Complications

Olive leaf extract supplements contain anti-hypertensive compounds that can target cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension – effectively lowering your blood pressure and helping you steer clear of advanced heart condition.

According to a research conducted by the experts at the University of Indonesia, it was discovered that that along with helping patients relieve high blood pressure symptoms, the leaf extract also worked another wonder – and that was considerably lowering triglyceride levels – which contributes to LDL (bad cholesterol) production leading to clogged arteries.

Keeping Diabetic Symptoms Under Control

There was a study conducted on Type-2 diabetes and the application of olive leaf extract on how it the leaf extract supplements can help keep your blood sugar levels from abruptly sky rocketing. It was discovered that, for diabetics, taking controlled amounts of the supplements helped enhance insulin secretion in their bodily cells. As per the test -- conducted on animals -- it has been identified that the leaf extract may lower hyperglycemia, lower hyperinsulinemia, lower serum glucose, enhance serum insulin

Helps Manage Weight

By looking at how effective olive leaf extract is for curbing type-2 diabetes symptoms and how it helps steer you clear of symptoms associated with cardiovascular disorders, it make sense that the supplement will help manage your weight too.

As a matter of fact, an animal study in 2013 determined the effect of the olive leaf extract in preventing diet-induced obesity. Experts believe that incorporating a healthy lifestyle as well as taking olive leaf supplements on a daily basis can help keep your satiety maintained – leading to decreased food intake.

Enhanced Brain Functionality

Another reason why you should start using olive leaf extract supplements is because they can help improve your cognitive functionality. As per studies, it was discovered that oleuropein (which is one the primary properties of the olive leaf) can help lower symptoms associated with age-related brain disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Studies also suggest that there is a powerful link between Alzheimer’s disease and free radical cells – and as the olive leaf extract supplements contain antioxidants, they can help fight the destruction caused by those cancerous cells in your brain – which can also lead to memory loss.

Arthritis Treatment

Arthritis is a painful and debilitating bone disease where there is excessive swelling and acute pain in the joints. Swelling implies that there is inflammation and, when it comes to inflammation, the anti-inflammatory properties of olive leaf extract can be highly effective.  

Olive leaf extract was tested on arthritic rats, their paws basically, to see whether or not it could help dial down the swelling and reverse the inflammatory effects. It succeeded in reducing the swelling in their joints in an experiment conducted in 2012.

When it comes to types of arthritic diseases, osteoarthritis is the most common in the US. There are over 33 million Americans affected by this debilitating disease. This primarily happens when the cartilage the center of the joints and the bones diminishes, leading to the bones rubbing with each other without a cushion, and that is painful. Not to mention the disease completely reduces mobility.

Research has also showed that olive leaf extract supplements have the necessary potency to reduce chronic and acute pain linked to this joint disorder. Moreover, it is also believed that the extract can significantly help lower enzymes such as cytokines, which trigger the inflammation process.  

Why Vitalite Now Olive Leaf Extract Supplements?

That is a great question. With the aforementioned health benefits in mind, it only makes sense to opt for a quality, FDA-approved, cost-effective product that guarantees a healthy lifestyle.

The Super Strength Olive Leaf Extract 120 Count supplements are designed for high antioxidant potency as well as to enhance your immune system. Now you don’t have to ever be let down by weaker formulations. Vitalite Now Olive Leaf Extract supplements contain 20% oleuropein, which is the active ingredient in the leaf – to provide you with a wide array of physical and mental health benefits. You should ensure that any olive leaf supplement has at least 20% Oleuropein clearly marked on its label.

Our formulation combined by the inherent power of the leaf extract can help fight oxidative stressors on a cellular level – which is also great news for your skin health and mental focus. On top of that, the supplements are made in GMP and FDA approved and certified facilities in the USA.

Olive Leaf Extract 120 count

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